Cop gets ambushed by gang members. His K-9 partner rushes in to save his life

This night wasn’t going to be like any other night for Mississippi police deputy Todd Frazier. He was driving on a highway when he saw a blue car parked on the side of the road. He made numerous attempts for the driver to step out of the car. When the driver didn’t respond he decided to take a closer look. What he didn’t know was this was a set up.
Frazier slowly approached the blue car when out of nowhere two men appeared and ambushed him. The man inside the car also joined in. Together all three gang members beat the officer and then drug him to the woods.

Frazier did all he could to fight back but the three men overpowered him and beat him to within inches of his life. But what they didn’t know was that the officer had a secret weapon in his arsenal…his K-9 partner Lucas.

Frazier pressed a release button on his belt. The button unlocked his police car and let Lucas out. Once that happened Lucas, a Belgian Malinois was on his way to rescue his partner in the woods. The three man gang had no idea what hit them. He charged in seeing his partner all bloody and attacked all three of the men causing them to run like babies.
Frazer told investigators that he couldn’t see anything that happened because of the blood covering his eyes, but he could hear Lucas. He recalled thinking “now he’s gonna get you’ as he heard Lucas growling.
Frazier received treatment for multiple stab wounds. Lucas had minor injuries and needed some tooth work. The gang members are still at large.

Lucas received numerous awards for his bravery, including the Heroic Dog Award from PETA and Hero of the Year Award from the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League.

Frazier admits he knew he was almost gone that day, if it weren’t for Lucas who gladly saved his life even when he was in danger.

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