Abandoned dog Snoop finally gets forever home after his story broke hearts the world over

The dog whose story went viral around the world – even attracting the attentions of celebrities – has finally been adopted into his forever home.
You may remember Snoop the dog, whose former owner was caught on CCTV dumping him along with his dog bed on a street in Stoke-on-Trent, England on Christmas Eve. Said footage garnered viral attention after being uploaded to social media, with Snoop desperately trying to chase the car to be let back in.
He was found by two passersby just one hour later … sitting on his dog bed alone, cold, and terrified.
No sooner had the footage circulated than was Snoop offered a plethora of new homes. Even famous music artist Snoop Dogg offered to give him shelter should he need it, such was the sentiment towards this good boy who had been abandoned for no reason.

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