Mom is woken by strange growl from pit bull, rushes into son’s room to witness dog’s actions

Whoever thinks pit-bulls don’t make great pets has obviously never owned one. Regardless what people might say, this breed is just like any other, loyal and friendly. They are people-oriented creatures that thrive as part of the family.
The story of an Ohio family is another example of how affectionate and loving pit-bulls are. When they were about to adopt a dog, they chose a pit-bull whom they named Ember. They took it from an organization called Adore-a-Bull that helps pit-bulls find their forever home.
When they took it in, they did expect from it to be loving and helping, but they have never assumed that Ember would become their hero. Namely, the moment she entered her new home, Ember became inseparable with Tre, the 10-year-old boy who loved his new dog to the moon and back.
The two friends shared a room and never left each other’s side. One night, however, Ember started acting strangely. She made unusual noises, as though she was grumbling. This made Tre’s mother go and check if everything was fine. Once she entered the room she saw her son having seizure and Ember was trying to warn the family that something was wrong.
Tre was taken to the hospital and was given medical care. During this time, Ember was by his side all the time. She saved the young boy that day, and that’s something her family will never forget. The family is now sharing this story in hopes of changing the negative opinion many people have about this breed of dogs.
This lovely dog is now undergoing a training to become a full-fledged service dog that would make sure Tre is offered immediate help if needed. They even entered Ember in a Petco holiday wish campaign and she took home the $10,000 prize.
This prize was won on the behalf of Adore-a-Bull for everything they do to help this breed. If you believe the stereotypes that surround pit-bulls should be swept away please share this story so it reaches more people.

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