Female Army Veteran Hunts Poachers In Africa

What do you get when you mix an army veteran, animal lover and tattooed huntress – one fierce animal protector that will stop poachers in their tracks.
Kinessa Johnson served four years in the armed forces as a weapons instructor and mechanic before she used her extensive training to defend wildlife from poachers. Johnson took her experience and love for animals and headed to Africa, where she joined a team of other veterans at Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VEPAW).

VEPAW is made up of other veteran that use their knowledge and expertise to train rangers how to capture and stop poachers from killing wildlife in Africa. The offenders are captured and turned over to authorities. “Our intention is not to harm anyone; we’re here to train park rangers so they can track and detain poachers and ultimately prevent poaching,” she told 11 Alive.

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