Tiny puppy isn’t allowed to sit on the couch & his response has the internet howling

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and every dog has its own unique personality. Some dogs love hugs, others like chasing balls, others are greedy and some love begging.
This French bulldog whining to be let on the couch has to be one of the cutest and funniest videos we’ve seen.
This made me kinda sad, actually. I don’t like seeing a dog cry. But don’t criticize the man. He might be trying to teach the dog not to use the couch.
Each household has its own set of rules. He’s not mistreating the dog one bit. I understand this.
If you let it on it’ll be even more stubborn the second time, because it knows it can get away with this behavior.
Soon it’ll begin peeing, pooping and rubbing that all over, then as it grow, when it doesn’t get it’s way it gets aggressive then it’ll be harder to train.
Rules are rules but I just don’t have the heart to watch my puppy cry in front of my face just because they wanna sit right next to me.

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