Old dog slept in the dirt every day after his owners moved and left him behind

Animals are gentle creatures who know how to express their gratitude for everything their owners do for them. Once the pet is welcomed in the house, it becomes family, and we don’t let go of family. So, why are there so many stories of pets being left behind? To be honest, that’s something I will never understand. I simply don’t want to believe that we share this world with so cruel and reckless people who would let a poor animal alone on the streets. These loving creatures are completely confused, and can’t figure out why they are alone, and where their humans are.
Unfortunately, this is the faith of an eight-year-old Labrador who was living in a parking lot outside of a warehouse on the delivery route of the truck driver who found him. The driver felt sorry for the dog who was all dirty and starving, but being on the road most of the time, there was no chance that he could take him in. However, he was willing to find him a nice home, because the dog was used to living around people. According to Dodo, the Lab used to live in the house across the street, but once the family moved places, he was left behind.
The driver uploaded the photo of the “poor old boy” on Instagram in hopes of finding him a place to stay.

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