Cat joined a class & immediately fell asleep because of the boring lecture

This kitty entered a classroom full with students. The cat took a seat at the table and was ready to listen carefully what the teacher say.
The kitty tried hard to learn some new things. It seems the lecture was very boring and the kitty fell asleep.
One student took the picture of the cat, and instantly went viral.
Student don’t know who is the owner of this kitty, but always hangs out in the university campus.
The kitty clearly wants to learn some new things, but couldn’t stay awake of that boring lesson.
You have to admit he’s a big beautiful baby. His name is Labun. He is being well taken care of by the lecturers & students.
He looks like a healthy cat! He is doing what I wanted to do when I took classes!
I have a feeling he’s not going to pass this class!

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