Cat gives priceless reaction when she found out she is having babies

Abandoned cat was rescued from the dangerous streets and brought to the local shelter.
Since the first moment she showed everyone that she is thankful for being rescued. She was about 1-year-old. After some weeks, her tummy became getting bigger.
They took Ulla to the vet facility to get an ultrasound. The kitty was about to be a mom. This is just too pure.
The volunteer at the shelter took a photo of the cat finding out she is going to be a mom. The photo went viral and the cat’s reaction is priceless.
I can’t stop staring it’s beautiful and sweet I wish I could have a cat like that. She was actually checking out the screen!
She is a beautiful little cat — love her markings.
Ulla really looks like she is watching the ultrasound and is surprised to discover she has baby kittens inside herself!

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