Mom Shares Last Day With Dying Dog, Their Final Goodbye Shows What True Love Is

Having a dog means never being alone. These loving creatures that are the purest form of love and loyalty will never leave your side. Well, until their time to say the final goodbye comes.
The fact their life span is shorter than ours is devastating, and even the though of losing them one day is painful.
Kyle Amich shares her story and reminds us of the harsh reality that sooner or later we will have to let our furry pal go to their last resting place.
The health condition of Hannah, the 11-year-old Pit Bull terrier mix, worsened over time as she suffered from arthritis and seizures. The bunch of medications she was taking had side effects and didn’t improve her condition a great deal. At this point she struggled walking and Kyle couldn’t watch her lovely baby suffer any longer so she decided to end her misery.
This decision wasn’t easy to make, but Hannah’s pain was unbearable.
Before she let her dog go, Kyle gave her the most memorable day of her life and she documented the whole thing.

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