German Shepherd is chained up his entire life, then sees the ocean for the first time

Imagine spending five years of your life chained. That must be the most horrific thing one can experience. Sadly, that is what the adorable German Shepherd Herschel was destined to because of his cruel and heartless owners. The dog was eventually rescued, and his story serve to teach people that he was one of the lucky ones who got a chance for a better life, because not every rescue story has a happy ending.
Although mistreated and neglected by his owners, this dog could still find happiness in the little things in life and wagged his tail whenever he was around people. But this made people think he was aggressive so finding a home for Herschel wasn’t easy.
If the dog wasn’t adopted soon he could end up on the list of the unadoptable dogs and could eventually be euthanized.

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