Dog tells his dog it’s bath time. His Great Dane knows exactly what to do

If you have owned a pet before, then you know just how much trouble it can be to give your pet a bath. Often times, our pets are either scared of water, or they simply do not want to sit still long enough for us to properly bathe them. But imagine if the pet you are trying to bathe is a great dane, a dog breed that is known for their enormous height and body. Great danes can grow to weigh over one hundred pounds and can be nearly three feet tall!
In the video below, an owner asks his dog what day it is as a great dane peeks in through the backyard door. As he asks the dog if it’s bath time, the great dane enters the house and stops directly in front of the television. It’s almost as if the dog understands what his owner is saying. The great dane then makes his way further into the house. As the owner follows, it’s soon revealed that the great dane is ready for his bath. He has stepped into the bathtub on his own! While he does have some difficulty getting in, he eventually manages to fit. Very impressive for a dog!

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