Horse Refuses To Leave Injured Mother – And Rescuers Have To Act Fast

The horse was clearly panicking and desperate for help.
One day, local volunteers from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA for short) heard about a gray-colored mother horse in need of human intervention. She could not stand and laid on the ground for hours – her foot had gotten entangled in her own mane! Furthermore, she wasn’t alone – she had a young foal with her!
As soon as she was spotted, they realized that she couldn’t free her foot in order to stand up, no matter how hard she tried thanks to her mane. This sent her young foal in a panic.
The foal was terrified to see its mother in such a predicament, and galloped around aimlessly until local volunteers with the RSPCA arrived. Wild and afraid of humans, it watched warily from a safe distance away from his mother.
The baby foal observed the rescuers who trying their best to help his mother get back on her feet. The rescuers worked diligently in freeing her hoof from her tangled mane. They had little time to spare, especially since both horses are not tame animals. But there were no signs of violence, either – thus all was good.
But even with all their might, the rescuers did not manage to free her without cutting a substantial amount of mane off. Even after the haircut, the mother horse still struggled to regain her footing. She had been trapped in that position for too long, causing her limbs to become painfully stiff. Nevertheless, the rescue staff were patient enough, and assisted the female horse until she was able to get up on her own!

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