Man Plays Beautiful Version Of “You Raise Me Up” On Pan Flute

Sometimes we think we know a song so well, but then after listening to a different version it suddenly is given an entirely new light. Get ready to fall in love with “You Raise Me Up” all over again in a beautiful new way.
Many of us are familiar with “You Raise Me Up,” which was most popularly performed by artist Josh Groban. However, the song originally was an instrumental tune called “Silent Story” – and that’s exactly what David Doring’s rendition is, all with a pan flute.
David is a musician known worldwide for his incredible talents playing the pan flute. Although it’s not something we typically see in modern music, it is considered a popular folk instrument. It consists of various sized pipes in a row, each creating a different hypnotic sound when blown into.
From the moment David begins playing “You Raise Me Up” on his wooden instrument he quickly draws you in. Not only with the chilling notes of the song, but also with the beauty of his video.

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