Man And His 40-Year-Old Horse Share An Unbreakable Bond That’ll Warm Your Heart

Donnie MacAdams, 58, lives at Rough Terrain Farm in Vermont. His best friend is Waco Hanover, a former harness-racing Standardbred Chocolate Sundae. Waco is 40 years old, which in case you didn’t know is the human equivalent of about 100 years! A fun fact for everyone January 1 is the universal birthday for every horse in North America.
I never knew that! Waco comes from a very distinguished line of horses, you can find his pedigree online. When MacAdams first adopted Waco, Waco wasn’t eating. But Waco spent a lot of time with him and a friendship formed. Eight years later and the two are now constant companions, they have not spent one night apart in all that time.

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