Horses Happily Prance Around In Fresh Snow, Their Fun Playtime Caught On Cam

Horses are a bunch of merry, fun-loving creatures. Just the sight of fresh snow is enough for them to drop everything and jump around in pure happiness. In this cute video, Mom manages to record the fun snow-dance of her precious babies.

The snow had fallen overnight, resulting in a scenic white winter landscape in Penningberg, Tirol, Austria. As the horses see the picturesque first snow, they completely lose it. They go flying in the air to make a splash in the knee-deep snow.
As the three horses make zigzags in the snow, they look like unicorns flying over a snowy castle. Mom looks on, as their gallops create a trail of snow in the air. Their scampering goes on for a while, until two of the horses decide to call it a day.

Meanwhile, the last horse still hasn’t had enough. He continues to roll around and make snow angels. These horse have energized us to the core with their winter fun. Nobody enjoys the snow as much as these horses!

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