Horse Was Left Alone In The Snow, And Something Adorable Happens

Did you know that horses are actually much better adapted to the cold weather than we thought they were? Most breeds have an excellent winter coat which insulates them and keeps them warm and dry – right down to the skin. However, there are some tips in caring for our horses to prepare for the winter. One rule of thumb is to provide plenty of outdoor time, allowing them to adjust to the cold temperatures and get some fresh air. Plus, we all know how much exercise keeps us warm! Just like this horse here, who experiences snow for the very first time. While horses are known to man as majestic and magnificent creatures, this horse exhibits a child-like wonder and funny reaction upon seeing some snow – and its absolutely charming to see!
Despite some mini icicles hanging off its fur, the horse is clearly enjoying his time, rolling around on the snow-filled ground. It seems to love the cold weather as well! There is no temperature where it is too cold for a horse to be taken out for a ride or for play if they are adapted to it! But beware, though – if your horse doesn’t drink enough water during cold weather or have a lack of quality feed, it might not have enough energy to tolerate the cold like this one does. Therefore, provide your horse with appropriate amount and sources of food, ample shelter, care, comfortable bedding – and its all prepped for the harsh winter!

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