Horse Is Clueless He’s Surrounded By Wolves, Suddenly Pulls Move Making Onlookers Gasp

This horse had been grazing when he noticed the wolves..
In the wild, getting surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves would usually mean doom for the prey animal. Wolves hunt in packs and would chase their prey by cornering it to its demise.
The prey would often try to defend itself by attacking, but not for this wild horse! In Italy, a small pack of Italian wolves came across a wild horse, who was simply looking for grass to graze in the snow.
The wolves were puzzled as they had never seen such a huge prey before. Their diet mostly consists of small prey like the local deer, who would flee at the sight of the pack.

The horse did not seem to be bothered by the wolves’ presence at all and calmly continued to find grass to graze on. The curious and puzzled wolves decided to get closer to the horse to investigate, circling the horse in bewilderment.
Normally when predators get too close, the supposed prey animal would attack in defense. But as the wolves got closer, the horse did not try to kick the wolves at all. Instead, he did something peculiar!

The horse simply got onto its back and rolled over its huge body in the snow! In canine body language, the lower ranking members of the pack usually roll over on their backs to expose their belly to the alpha. This signifies submission and acceptance of the alpha’s dominance.

Instead of exhibiting typical prey behavior of flight, the horse simply adapted by showing submissive behavior by rolling over on his back. Needless to say, the horse’s smart strategy was successful!

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