Farmer hears weird sounds coming from stable – moment she opens door she meets the unexpected

Domesticated animals resting in peace? When Liz Mitten Ryan took a walk at her 329-acre horse sanctuary, she was more than happy to see the horses sleeping after munching a heavy meal.
Her sanctuary is called Equinisity, which is a home for wild animals and wild horses. Tourists come from all over the world to see how she peacefully lives with them. These horses are fond of humans and do follow them, but it reaches a time when they wander into the woods to go and play. In the clip below, we see as these horses are having a nap at a barn yet there are many places where they would have slept. This beautiful sight made Liz grab her camera and take some photos.
What a wonderful sight to see these wild horses deep asleep. There is no doubt that this is the same way they behave when in the woods!
This is a rare opportunity to see wild horses lying down as most of them prefer sleeping while standing, no wonder she had to take some shots with her camera.

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