Family Abandons Pregnant Cat Because They Adopted Dogs

Grace Redmon and her father saw Athena for the first time when she was living with a family who stayed two doors below their home. The cat used to play right outside. She often spent long duration staring at birds in Redmon’s backyard. It didn’t take long for Grace to start noticing the lovely creature.
“She was very friendly and my dad would feed and pet her, so she would come around more often, especially right as he got home from work,” Redmon said. “She would be right outside his door waiting when he pulled in.”
The story seemed to be going smoothly until Athena’s family got two dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs didn’t get along with the cat. It was then that the family abandoned Athena.
The cat now had nowhere to turn to except the Redmond. She started sleeping in their porch. It was only after a few days that the father started seeing signs of Athena’s pregnancy.
“It was hard to tell, though, since she was so skinny,” Redmon said.
Once, he even heard meows of several cats in different pitches. But when he went outside to see if it was Athena with her kittens, he came up empty-handed. It looked like the cat had hidden them very safely, and very well.
Several weeks passed.
And Redmon’s dad was just outside in the yard, when he spotted them, Athena and her three small babies. It seemed like they were out for a walk in nature.
Taking up the opportunity, he immediately snapped a picture of the four of them together so he could show his daughter that Athena and her family were doing just fine. But her daughter had other ideas when she saw the picture. She wanted to be responsible for them instead.
It was no surprise that her father was quite hesitant about her choice. They already had two cats who were seniors and predicting how their response towards Athena and her children was quite impossible. It didn’t help that he didn’t have much space in his house either. But Grace worked her magic. She persuaded her father to take care of the family until all of them are old enough to take care of themselves.

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