Dog Doesn't Recognize Stranger At The Airport Until He Smells A Familiar Scent On Him

Perfect loyalty is hard to find in this world. The love and devotion of a pet is a perfect example of such loyalty. Even when separated for a long length of time, a loyal pet will often welcome back their owner upon seeing them. Anthony, a soldier returning from duty as a member of the U.S. military found out firsthand just how loyal his beloved dog was.

Arriving at the Airport
A video posted by ABC15 in Arizona to its Facebook page has gone viral. The video shows the sweet reunion between the two and exemplifies the love of a pet for its owner. It further goes to show that no matter how long you are a way; your pet will always remember you.

The soldier, returning from duty, had just arrived at an airport in Oregon. Since he had left, the soldier had grown a beard, and looked quite different that what he did when he left. Maybe this was why the dog at first didn’t seem to recognize his owner.
A Stranger Calls the Dog Over
At first, the dog was confused as a strange man called out his name. He hesitated looking in the stranger’s direction a few times before slowly going over to see who it was. You can imagine the questions going through the dog’s brain. Who was this strange, bearded man and what did he want?
The stranger slowly reached out, offering his hand. Tentatively, the dog sniffed at the strange man’s hand, not sure whether he could trust him or not. In his mind, he was there to greet his owner, not some stranger. Imagine his surprise when the realization dawned upon him.

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