Cat “runs for her life” after being chased by a moving toy soldier

Cats are one of the most domesticated animals most households have. Probably just secondary to dogs but there are people who plainly prefer having cats as their pet. Well, people surely have their own preferences.
Sure, cats can be extremely cute at times that cat lovers often confess to feeling a sense of fulfillment and happiness with just the mere sight of a cat.
Well, this viral video is surely something that will make you look at cats in a different light. The video we are talking about is this particular one uploaded by the Facebook page, Pinoy Rap Radio.
At first, there really is nothing peculiar about the video as it only shows a gray colored cat and a toy soldier which was wearing a blue uniform and is holding a gun.
As the video starts to play, its as if that the toy soldier was pointing its gun to the cat. As the gun cracks and makes the sound of fired bullets, the cat can be seen reaching its paws to the corner of the house.
A few moments later, the toy soldier moves closer to the cat while still firing shots. It was during this moment that the cat was totally frightened that it tried to climb the walls of the house only to be left hanging as it touched a mirror.

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