Cat Loves Sliding Across The Floor And Its Human Is Happy To Oblige In A Hilarious Home Video

All pets are different from one another. Separated not just by physical appearance, breed or species, but more specifically their behaviors. As the bond between pet and master evolves, some of these behaviors adapt to the relationship. You dog might start begging for food, your cat might always want to cuddle, but here we have a very unique cat with its own unique quirky behavior.
While most cats aren’t too fond of being moved from their seat of choice, this cat wants to be slid on the floor. Not only is the feline down for the ride, but he also runs back for more like a dog playing fetch! We couldn’t stop laughing when we saw this cat sliding down the floor and coming right back for another turn.
This is definitely going to brighten your day! Look how happy the cat is every time its person slides it on its back down the floor.

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