Labrador Begs Cop To Follow Him To Save His Unconscious Owner’s Life

A black Labrador named John Boy was running alone, frantically down the streets of a small town Wisconsin on a chilly morning when officer Jeff Gonzalez approached him. It was evident that the barking dog was nervous and wanted the cop to get out of his car immediately.
Before he knew, officer Gonzalez was following the dog who was leading him up the street. It turns out, Krystal, the dog’s owner suffers from a heart condition and the dog was actually seeking help from the cop.
When the cop finally reached the front of Krystal’s house with her dog, he found her lying unconscious on a chair on the front porch. Her lips were blue and she was freezing—so much that the officer thought she was dead.
Thankfully, she wasn’t. However, she had been there in the cold for a whole hour! An alert was sent immediately to Krystal’s daughter and the officer found some assistance to bring her in. Then, she was taken to the hospital where she finally gained her consciousness.
Krystal is well alive now, all thanks to John Boy and the amazing officer who travelled the extra mile to listen to a dog.
John Boy was returned to the shelter three times before he was finally adopted by Krystal. Now we know, there was a reason behind it all!

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