Horrible: Chinese zookeepers push scared donkey into moat

Chinese zookeepers pushed a frightened live donkey into a moat at the Changzhou Zoo as prey for three hungry tigers in their enclosure. The panicky animal tried to hold on hugging his legs and hooves against the concrete precipice, but to no avail. According to the Daily Mail, the two men dressed in rain gear have not a moment of compassion for the donkey and heartlessly pushed the defenseless animal down the ramp where there could be no escape.
The donkey landed in the water, and even as he desperately tried to swim onto the shore and escape, he was no competition for the tigers as two jumped into the water and dragged the animal by his neck as they took turns biting its head. The third tiger reached out from the edge of the shore and swiped at the donkey with its claws deadly scratching out at the now defeated animal.
The camera then cuts over to four lions relaxing along the beach; the bloodied body of the donkey being dragged away by the tigers to be eaten completely. The video stated it took a half-hour for the tigers to kill the animal. Who can even imagine the pain and the complete dread the poor victim had to endure until he surely must have welcomed death.

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