10 Year Old Boy And His Dog Die Together After Being Hit By A Car

This is one of the most unfortunate stories that we have had to write about, as this little boy and his dog experienced one of the most horrific events that a family could ever go through. This story takes place in Michigan, where a child’s love for his pet led to a truly tragic occurrence.

Gage was outside playing one Saturday night, when his dog Stitch made the fateful decision to run out into the street. When the animal dashed out of the family’s yard and into the street, Gage took off after him and did not bother to look both ways to see if there were any oncoming cars.
Sadly, Gage and Stitch were both struck by the same driver, who was a 69 year old woman that was driving sober. She was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the accident took place and we can only imagine the level of pain and guilt she feels for what has taken place.
Gage and Stitch were declared dead and their family was left to mourn their loss after this senseless tragedy. We cannot understand why bad things must happen to good people and our hearts go out to the family members that they left behind.

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