When mama’s ducklings were blown away by the wind, watch what she did!

This is the saddest yet funniest video I have ever seen!
I am so confused I don’t whether to laugh or feel sorry for them.
A parent loves their child with all their heart. All of us have heard examples where they go out of their way to help their little ones.
I just laughed uncontrollably at all the little ducks rolling across the street. It was hilarious! But I felt bad for the ducks. Poor little things, the forces of nature are hard sometimes!
Love how the ducks go back in line, like nothing happend. They are perfect for the army.
I hope those ducklings were not serious hurt by the wind.
Maybe they should have settled down in the shelter of a bush until that wind passed over.
We are all here laughing while those ducks probably had the most traumatic experience in their lives.

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