Rescue dog hilariously fails agility course but makes everyone smile

Rescue dogs are intelligent, too!
The world famous Crufts Dog Show had celebrated its 127th year, showcasing a very different show compared to the one held back in 1891. The event now features a wider variety of breeds from different working classes, from professional working dogs to rescue dogs alongside dogs traditionally bred for shows.
A dog named Baron Kratu von Bearbum was amongst the dogs who had participated in the Rescue Dog Agility event. Along with his owner, Tessa Eagle Swan, ‘Krazy’ Kratu did what no other did before – he went ahead and created his own routine! With more than 7 million views on the Crufts Facebook page, Kratu became an almost-instant internet sensation with quirky personality!
Despite his seemingly carefree demeanor and laidback personality, Kratu the dog had formerly faced a difficult start in life as a puppy. He had been rescued from a dangerous dumping ground where the most dogs were either beaten, starved or both. When Kratu turned a few weeks older, he was adopted by Swan, who signed him up for behavioral training courses at Wood Green.

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