I Normally Don’t Care For TV Commercials, But This Is Easily The Best One I’ve Ever Seen

If you are a lover of nature and find yourself inspired by survival stories, then the latest advertisement from Shangri-La hotel chain may be exactly what you are looking for. The hotel and resort chain is well-known for its hospitality and has locations in Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe.
Their latest advertisement depicts a man’s struggle to find a peaceful resting spot. The only human in the video is a man who finds himself stranded in a snowy mountainous region and all odds are against him. He tries to light some matches for warmth but he has no luck. His battery then dies on him and he finds himself at a loss. He then becomes delirious from the cold and exhaustion that he ends up falling over onto the snow, where he falls asleep or passes out.
And then, we hear the sound of wolves howling from the wooded areas surrounding the man’s final destination. The wolves slowly start appearing from the woods, one by one, honing in on the sleeping man. They look frightening with their glowing yellow eyes and the mysterious way they move. Suddenly they start heading toward the sleeping man as if they are on a mission to attack him. But instead, they each nestle in the snow beside him, making a cozy bed of warmth. When the man opens his eyes, he realizes he is surrounded by wolves, and while he may be afraid at first, he realizes he is completely safe and the animals are there to protect him, not harm him. The way they are formed around him makes it look like he is tucked into a snug bed, which symbolizes how one would feel if they were away from home and sleeping in a welcoming hotel.
The man simply cuddles up to the wolves and falls back into a deep slumber with his newfound friends.

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