Baby Girl Steals German Shepherd’s Treat Prompting Outcome Dad Didn’t Forsee

Baby Ava and her giant German Shepherd sidekick Brano are best buds, that is, until Brano is given a treat. When Dad rewards Brano with a crunchy doggie snack, Ava is not happy at all. While Brano is busy munching and snarfing down one of the dog treats, Ava appears to be an infant mastermind and leans forward so she can snatch up one of Brano’s snacks. It takes a few attempts for Ava to navigate under the dog’s big muzzle and around his powerful front legs, but she finally grasps ahold of part of the treat in her pudgy little baby hand.
Brano hasn’t noticed what his pal Ava has done because he’s preoccupied with hunting down straggling crumbs littering the carpet beneath him. But then he realizes that he’s missing a treat. He follows his nose straight over to the baby. Guilty! Brano tries to gingerly pluck the doggie snack out of her hand, but she jerks it away and hides it behind her back. Considering how powerful and sensitive a dog’s nose is, Brano easily follows Ava’s hand and his treat to behind her back, but then she turns away from him and clutches the treat even tighter in her little hand.

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