Authorities warn people to ‘Bring Dogs Inside’ after several dogs found frozen solid

No matter how much both humans and animals enjoy playing in the snow, severe winters and cold weather are something many fear of. During harsh weather conditions, our pets have to be kept inside, otherwise they may freeze to death. And as awful as this sounds, many already paid the price of their owners being careless and leaving them outside with their lives.
The weather forecast says that more days of brutal cold and snow are expected to hit North America, and it means no animal should be left outside. The animal rights activists urge everyone who sees a dog being chained outside to report the case to the local authorities.
One case of this type of animal neglect was reported by the Hartford, Connecticut police department. The woman whose dog was found frozen in its tiny house outside her home had been charged with animal cruelty.
Unfortunately, a dog from Cincinnati died in the same manner. The county sheriff posted on Facebook, saying: “The dog was found in an outside dog house with no insulation. The dog was frozen to death due to the severe cold weather. Sheriff Jones would like to remind everyone that freezing to death is a horrible way for an animal to die.”

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