Stray Cat Walks Up to Soldier and Demands to Be Adopted (With Updates)

A little stray cat walked up to a soldier and demanded that he be his forever human. Ever since then, the kitty has been his most loyal friend, following him around.
Meet Salem the cat.
While Justin was on duty in Romania, he came across a friendly black cat who stepped out of the brushes and started following him around.
After a few pets, Salem seemed to have his mind set up to be with his new friend and even waited for him every morning. The adorable black kitty became Justin’s little shadow.
Every time Salem saw his human friend, he would hop on his lap and curl up for a nap. When Justin’s lap wasn’t available, he would slip into his helmet for a quick snooze.
The affectionate kitty gave Justin the comfort that reminded him of his home. It didn’t take long for the little feline buddy to creep his way into his human’s heart

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