Horse Who Had Been Starved And Left To Die Makes Miraculous Recovery

Rescuers were left speechless when they arrived at the barn where Benny, the horse was living. He had been severely neglected and was dying of starvation. But Last Stop Horse Rescue decided they would not give up on him.
They drove him back to their farm and concluded he only weighed 562 pounds, that’s less than half of what a horse his size and build should weigh. They began his rehabilitation that very day.
The video below is sad showing Benny’s long road to recovery it starts with his rescue and ends with his recovery.
Even the rescuers that found him that first day are amazed when they see him.
This amazing transformation took 6 months the gorgeous stead went from weighing only 562 pounds to weighing a healthy 912 pounds!
He is now a happy healthy horse running and living the good life.

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