A Curious Horse Walks Up To A Kiddie Pool. And What He Did Is Brilliant. LOL!

Horses are more intelligent and playful than we give them credit for. Usually, we see them wandering pastures, eating grass, and maybe taking a rest in the shade.
But you’ve never seen a horse trying to swim in an inflatable pool. When this horse discovers a kiddy pool fool of water, he starts having the time of his life.
He starts splashing around in the pool, getting his hooves wet, and eventually climbs in. In time, with the water getting murkier with each splash, he decides to lie down and get his whole body wet. It must have been a pretty hot day!
At least he got the chance to cool off in one of the most entertaining and fun ways possible.
It’s even better that we got to share in this experience with this timely recorded video of this horse’s funny antics.

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