This Cowgirl Hasn’t Been In The Saddle For Over 20 Years…Look At Her Now!

This 91-year-old cowgirl hasn’t been in the saddle for over 20 years. Helen Smith is an amazing cowgirl who unconditionally loved horses. That’s why it is no surprise that her wish was to a ride a horse again at age 91.
Luckily, her wish came true thanks to Wish Of A Lifetime, Brookdale Senior Living and Hoofbeats To Healing. Helen got to saddle up once again and it was a heartwarming scene. The way she interacted with the horse showed how much she loved being there with him.
Seeing how much she enjoyed and how pure is her love for horses is so moving and inspiring. We hope she’ll find an old cowboy who will buy her a horse because that’s also one of her wishes.
She was grateful for having the opportunity to ride again and she enjoyed every second of it. Go riding!

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