Funny dog makes toddler giggle Non-Stop

The only way for you to be absolutely certain that your child will grow up to be a kind person who would know how to share things, be empathetic, and love those around them is to get them a dog. It’s amazing how deeply these creatures affect the little ones. They help them build valuable traits, among which responsibility.
Above all, the child will never be bored, but surrounded with unconditional love.
The video below is a definite proof that the connection between canines and toddlers is like no other. They definitely make best of friends.
Andonis Antonakis is an 18-month-old boy who enjoys spending time with his pooch. The dog knows how to make his human brother laugh, and to be honest, it’s one of the best videos we’ve stumbled upon.
Brooklyn has to be the most energetic dog. Her bubbly personality won’t let her stay still. However, the thing is that the three-year-old dog is not acting like this around everyone. She is actually afraid being around people she doesn’t now, but loves kids with all her doggy heart.
Mommy Jennie knows how Brooklyn makes her kids feel. When they are around her, they are all smiling and happy. This is the reason why the whole family loves her so much.
Luckily, Jennie managed to put on tape an encounter between Brooklyn and her son, and she found it so sweet that she just had to share it with the world.
Brooklyn is a real entertainer. In the video she could be seen running towards the boy, kissing him on the nose, and then running away. She does this multiple times, and little Andonis seems to be having a whale of a time. He enjoys all this so much that he can’t contain his contagious laughter.
Looking at the two, we can’t help but laugh too.

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