Adorable Miniature Horse Goes Crazy Around The Arena! Funny Video!

This video is perfect for those who want to have a good laugh and for everyone else who is having a bad day. Without a doubt, it will improve your mood and bring on some positive vibes.
An energetic miniature horse runs wild and does reining pattern. He is just a baby mini but he sure knows how to have fun along with a dozen other minis. What makes this video even more funnier is that she take someone down while running wild.

Look at her, she feels completely free and goes crazy around the arena, and there is nothing that could stop her doing what she loves the most- TO RUN!
This miniature horse is adorable we have to admit that because we’ve watched this video several times and we did not get bored. She is fast and cute and moves her legs like crazy.

She even scared some of the horses around her with her energetic moves. Many people tried to catch her and sincerely we can’t say how many of them will it take to get her! Take care of your horses and go riding!

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