Magical Dressage Movements Without Bit

The following video it might be a pure magic, so we recommend you to have a closer look and tell us what you think. That rider is amazing! How many times in your life have you seen a Grand Prix dressage training without a bit? Non? Check out the video below and enjoy in those outstanding bitless dressage manuevers!
The video has been filmed in 2011 and that rider name is Uta Gräf. Her “partner in crime” is a 2000 black Holstein stallion, named Le Noir. Together they are a wonderful team as you can see. Their performance looks flawless and so easy, don’t you think? Uta has some great bio mechanics, her horse looks super happy and their partnership is on the highest level!
No tension during the whole training, just some pure magic. Please share this with your animal loving friends and family.

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