Teen mom accused of animal cruelty after painting miniature pony

Farrah Abraham, 25, of Teen Mom fame, has run into a ton of online media criticism from animal lovers this week, after posting a photo of her daughter’s miniature pony painted with pink and purple neon hearts on her body and her mane.
“That’s animal abuse she should be taken away from u!”, one person commented on Instagram while someone else added, “That poor horse, you’re a horrible selfish human being!”
And this was the general reaction to Abraham’s eight-year-old daughter, Sophia’s birthday party as the themes Beauty and the Beast and My Little Pony involved more than a bunch of little friends dressed up – runway style. Sure there was an amazing birthday cake, beauty treatments for the little girls and even Belle – who walked down the fake red carpet. As much as that might seem a bit extravagant, lavish birthday parties for children are rarely scoffed at – that is if it doesn’t include using an animal as a prop. In this case, it was Sophia’s miniature pony Starburst who the child received as a Christmas present.
According to InTouch, concerns just weren’t addressed for Abraham’s poor judgment as to using a living animal as an art easel, but the safety of the pony may have been even more important:
“Considering her age, she could have gotten paint in the pony’s eyes or ears or the pony could have ingested the paint/fumes,” one concerned commenter wrote. Another added, “Definite animal abuse. What is wrong with these people?”
Farrah became pregnant when she was 16; giving birth to Sophia when she was 17. Sophia’s father, Derek, was killed in a car crash eight months into Farrah’s pregnancy. As to the criticism, Abraham shrugged it off stating the paint was probably pet friendly and kept posting pictures of the birthday party – even with Starburst painted with pink and purple neon hearts on her coat and streaked through her mane. Did I mention the white pony also wore pink leg warmers?

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