Dog Sneaks up While Baby’s Sleeping – And Its So Adorable!

You know the feeling. You’re sitting on the couch taking it easy… when your eyelids start feeling heavier and heavier.
Drowsiness sneaks up on you—and before you know it, you’re lying there, snoring away on the couch.
There’s nothing like a spontaneous catnap, but there is one big minus: you don’t always have time to throw on a blanket before you fall sleep—so you’ll probably wake up cold and frustrated an hour later.
Unless, that is, a thoughtful soul steps in and solves the situation…
In this clip, which has been viewed more than 6 million times on YouTube, we see a baby sleeping on the couch.
But before mom or dad can get there and tuck their little one in, someone else gets there first—the family’s dog!
It’s like the dog knows the baby is freezing, because the helpful pup starts pulling a blanket over the baby to make sure she’s all warm and cozy.

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