Abandoned three-month-old puppy hit by a car in critical condition

On Friday afternoon, just hours before families made their final preparations to celebrate the holiday weekend, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received an urgent call from a rural Georgia shelter pleading for help for a three-month-old puppy in critical condition just brought in by Animal Control after having been hit by a car. Who can even imagine out how any owner could be so irresponsible as to allow a puppy this young to wander anywhere by herself? Who can even imagine how any owner wouldn’t be desperately trying to find their “lost” puppy?
According to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue, the ten-pound puppy suffered egregious injuries including cuts and gashes all over her body, including a deep hole in her side. She has been rushed to the organization’s emergency veterinarian; the puppy now dubbed Christie is reported to be in shock.
“She is being rushed as we post this to our Georgia Vet Partner to be stabilized,” Jackie posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “It is very possible this angel baby won’t make, it but we are going to try everything possible to save her life. She deserves all our prayers and our help to give her that fighting chance that she so deserves.”

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