When The Intruder Of The Course Is A Wide Oxer – Incredible Rescues

In the following video you’ll see two scenes with two different horses who have been putting their feet into the middle of gigantic and bouncing out, for a clean round. The first video clip is filmed at the Brookside Classic 1995 and the rider is Mark Laskin with his horse Pinon Katja. The second rider is Michael Whitaker with his horse Everest Twostep at the 1995 du Maurier Limited International.
You can see how Pinon Katja’s feet ended up in the middle of that fence as they’ve jumped and somehow she’s managed to save the situation and kept both of them save! Everest Twostep also had a problem with a fence that has been a wide oxer where he needed to play his two-step. That has been an insane rescue we must admit!

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