Man Yells At Guilty Dog, Bends Over In Laughter At Dog’s Apology

It’s hard to stay mad at a dog who knows what it must do to earn its owner’s forgiveness.
Italian dog owner Anthony Federica Granai had exactly that interesting experience and the world was a witness to just how cute and sweet dogs can be when they want to say they’re sorry.
Antonio, who is based in Tuscany, Italy, uploaded a video of his exchange with his dog, Ettore.
In it, Antonio was scolding his dog for something he did.
Now, it was quite unclear what bad thing the dog was up to but it was pretty obvious Ettore was quite guilty based on his reaction as his master reprimanded him.
When Antonio did not stop berating him in Italian, the dog decided to turn on his charms.
Ettore buried his head on Antonio’s chest as if to tell his owner that he’s truly ashamed and sorry.

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