UPDATE: Latest On Woman Who Dragged Bloody Dog Behind Scooter Then Laughed About It

Our original post (which can be read by clicking here) features a woman in Bakersfield, California who was caught on surveillance video riding 15 mph on an electric scooter, while dragging a dog, named Zebra, behind her on a leash until his paws bled.
The surveillance system that captured the horrific scene belonged to James Dowell, who posted the video on his Facebook page. The video quickly went viral, causing an uproar from people all over the country.
The woman stopped her scooter when she was confronted by two cyclists, one of whom was Brandon Sanders. Sanders described the incident and confrontation on his Facebook page, saying he watched the woman drag the dog, who was lying on his side, at least 100 yards.
Sanders followed the woman all the way back to an apartment and confronted her. She responded with “Sh*t happens, just like with kids!” Then she posed for a picture, sporting a big smile while holding the bloody dog.
The latest is that upon investigation, the woman’s identity has been released!
According to the Bakersfield Police Department’s news release, the authorities have completed their investigation into the report of animal cruelty that was received on January 6.
“Today, a criminal complaint was submitted to the Kern County District Attorney’s Office against Elaine Rosa, 39, of Bakersfield, who was identified as the suspect in this case, requesting a charge of PC 597(b) Animal Cruelty,” police said.
Rosa will be charged, and if convicted, will face a sentence of up to one year in county jail and a $20,000 fine.
We will continue to update our followers as the story progresses.
*To see the original surveillance video, press play below but we warn you, it may be disturbing to some viewers.

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