Owner Swaps Out Favorite Old Toy– The Horse’s Reaction Says It All

Animals love to play with new stuffed animals. Everyone has seen a dog play with a favorite toy, chew on it, tug on it, and have a good old time. Apparently, horses love to play with toys, too! Snipes the horse’s favorite toy is a red rope toy. Like all toys that get lots of attention, time takes its toll and they wear out.
Snipes was out in the pasture one snowy bright day when his eyes caught something new on the fence. Gone was the worn out red rope toy and in its place was a brand new stuffed duck!
His owner had the video camera ready to capture Snipes reaction to his new toy. Although the horse wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, things quickly changed. Snipes tugged at the stuffed duck, gave it a toss, and then yee-haw, he kicked up his hooves and started playing with it!
Judging by the fun he had, it looks like this horse didn’t miss his red rope toy after all

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