Friendship between man and 40-year-old horse saves both their lives

Friendship has that effect of changing lives for the better and these two inseparable friends and companions are proving that once again. Waco the horse and his human friend Donnie MacAdams have never spent night away from each other in the last eight years.
What makes this story interesting is that when MacAdams adopted the horse he didn’t expect for him to live that long because he was malnourished and refused any food.
But look at Waco now. Believe it or not this horse is 40 years old. And his condition is better than ever. It appeared that he was never sick, but lonely. However, that changed the moment his friend welcomed Waco into his life.
MacAdams who is 58-years-old lives in an apartment above the barn in Vermont. He says that he isn’t the only one who offered friendship and saved the horse from being lonely, but the horse did the same thing for him.
MacAdams worked with people, which we all know can be pretty stressful at times. However, no matter how he felt, whenever he saw the horse upon arriving home Waco would place his head over his shoulder and that’s when all the worries would simply vanish. When MacAdams suffered a heart attack, Waco was there to comfort him and help him endure.
The role they both play in each other’s life is amazing. They are real friends whose bond can never be broken.

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