They Found Three Homeless Dogs In The Streets Suffering, The Ending Is Relaxing

After getting a call about a tiny pooch living in a parking lot, animals rescuers arrive. Coaxing the little dog into an area that promised to be easier to enclose by tossing bits of cheeseburger, the tiny animal is soon hiding underneath a parked car. A colorful plastic fence is quickly set up so the cute dog cannot escape and remain homeless, fending for itself. Keeping the tension taut on the line is key to extracting the little dog, and as scared as she is, she soon calms down once in the hands and arms of caring people. They name this pup Shrimp, because she is so small.
Having received another call about another canine living and roaming on the street, the rescuers are soon off to locate this one, also. This dog is also small, and has been cared for a bit by a married couple who call him Connor. However, they themselves are homeless and cannot take care of the dog like he should be taken care of, so they tell the animal rescuers that they can take him and find him a good home. This rescue was really easy to do! Sadly, Connor’s brother was killed by a car before this happened. Dogs and cats who are homeless are often killed while they are searching for food.
Before reaching their destination and giving the dogs a medical check up, another dog is encountered and rescued. At the end of the video, all of the dogs, and many others, are seen playing and being cuddled and petted by their human friends.

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