She made sure her baby was safe then went off to die, they couldn’t accept that

There is no greater power on Earth than mother’s love! This has been proved to be true many times before, and this latest story only shows how mothers are ready to sacrifice it all, including their own life, for the well being of their offspring. Once this brave dog could feel her baby was safe, she could breath a sigh of relief.
When they first spotted Helen and her son Oscar, Viktor Larkhill and his team were aware these mother and son were in a desperate condition and if they wanted to save them they had to act really quickly. They were both in the verge of death and were running out of time. Fearing that the dogs wouldn’t let them approach, Viktor was very careful, but he soon realized that Helen somehow knew they were there to get them out of that place covered in garbage, so she let him get closer and take her son in his hands.

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