Scared & Abandoned Dog Transforms Right Before His Rescuer’s Eyes

Dogs are some of the most incredible animals in the world. They are loyal beyond words, very loving, and are also known for their friendly attitude. They have so much love to give, sadly, their love is not always returned. There are so many dogs on the planet that have been abused and abandoned by humans. Some of them die without knowing affection. The number of homeless animals struggling in the streets is huge and heart-breaking.
There are some amazing rescue organizations working for the welfare of these poor souls. Featured below is an incredible rescue by one of these establishments. You have probably heard of Hope for Paws before. This non-profit organization has saved the lives of countless animals till date. It is safe to say that the founder, Eldad Hagar, is an angel in disguise. The man actively participates in rescues his organization gets involved in, and thanks to him, many creatures have found their forever homes.
Featured in the video below is an amazing rescue of a dog and it just might tear you up. Duke and his friend had been thrown away near some railroad tracks in LA. However, a Good Samaritan stepped in and fed them while searching for help. She contacted West Side German Shepherd Rescue, and they offered to take in the dogs if Eldad was able to get them. The man rushed to the scene, but he saw that Duke was the only one left. The younger dog had been taken away by someone, but Duke had been left behind. He wasted no time and immediately jumped into action.
Eldad managed to captured the scared pup in his trap, however, as you can imagine, Duke was not happy. He bared his fangs at the man, but after a few loving pets, he showed off his real side. The transformation in his personality is striking and it just might make you cry!

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