German Shepherd Heartlessly Abandoned In The Desert Gets The Rescue Of A Lifetime

The following clip shares with us a heart-moving rescue from Hope for Paws, a non-profit organization that aims to teach us the importance of companion animals in our society. Hope for Paws has been working diligently for the welfare of animals suffering in the streets or in shelters for years now. They have performed some amazing rescues. Featured below is one of them. This rescue was very hard to execute, however, as you can see, it was totally worth it!
They had gotten a call about a stray dog suffering all alone in a desert. They wasted no time to get to the scene. They realized that the poor German Shepherd had been living by herself near a busy highway. A Good Samaritan had been feeding her, but since the homeless pup was so terrified of humans, she always kept her distance. Because of this, her rescue was really tough. When the rescuers first saw her, the dog was running near the busy highway. She could have been run over, so they needed to work quickly.
The rescuers tried to use some traps to capture the pooch, but they couldn’t succeed. After a few failed attempts, they were forced to use a tranquilizing dart gun. After she calmed down, they took the beautiful dog back to safety. When she came around, she was less cautious than before and was finally open to the love she was given. The rescuers quickly found out that she was a big sweetheart all along!

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