Stray Dogs Stage Sit-in On Busy Road After Car Runs One Over

The friendship between stray dogs is one of the strongest friendships humankind will ever witness. Since they have no one else but each other, they bond very well and depend upon each other for company, warmth, and even food. They are each other’s family.
Recently, a YouTube video posted by IGSEVEN OFFICIAL proved just that, but on a devastating note.
The video was shot at a street in China, where a dog is hit by a car, and the dog’s body is laid out in the middle of the street, where vehicles can be clearly seen passing him. Around the deceased dog, sit four dogs guarding him. They looked like they were waiting for him to wake up. They continuously nudge him to wake him up but all in vain. The scene is devastating!
The loyal dogs are not scared of the fast cars passing them by. In fact, they stop the entire traffic, standing there stubbornly and causing cars to go around them.
Some eyewitnesses claimed that the dogs waited for what seemed like forever for their friend to wake up.
This video proves how empathising and loving dogs can be, and how much they feel the sense of loss. It’s heartbreaking!

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